What Is a Service Book Verification Certificate?

Service book is an important document for recording the events of a Government servant’s entire service period and career. It is a vital part of the process of personnel management.

The head of the office should show the service book to each Government servant and obtain his signature in token that he has verified the entries therein. He should also record a certificate to this effect.

Date of birth

A birth verification form is an important document that can help a person verify their date of birth. It will have a list of information about the person including their full legal name, gender, date and time of birth, facility or hospital where they were born, and the names of their parents.

The head of office should open the service book in duplicate immediately after a Government servant joins the service and give one copy to him. He should also keep the original and make necessary entry therein at regular intervals.

The head of the office should obtain from each Government servant a nomination in Form 7/Form 8 as the case may be countersign it and paste it in the service book. He should also make proper entries regarding medical examination of the Government servant at the time of appointment and attestation forms verifying antecedents and character etc.

Father’s name

Fathers may choose to have their name added to their child’s birth certificate for a variety of reasons. For instance, they may want to provide more financial security for their children after death, or they may wish to establish paternity in case of a dispute over custody. However, omitting the father’s name from these documents can limit a child’s access to health insurance and other benefits.

In addition, the father’s name will affect what his child calls grandparents and other family members. Should the child call them Grammy, Granny, Nana, or Gramps? In heterosexual couples, this is a decision that must be made carefully. For lesbian and gay parents, the issue is even more complex. For example, many families will prefer to use the mother’s first name instead of the father’s last name.

Educational qualification

A service book verification is a document that shows proof of a seaman’s educational qualification. It is a required document for most IMO countries. Depending on the country, this document may also be known as the seaman’s service book or seaman’s discharge certificate.

It is important to verify the educational qualifications of a seaman to ensure that they are eligible for employment in a particular field. It is also important to check that the educational qualifications are valid and recognized by the relevant authorities.

The head of the office is responsible for opening the service books in duplicate for all full time Government servants immediately after their joining. The annual verification entry has to be recorded very carefully with reference to pay bill and acquittance rolls.

Home town

Home town is the place where one lives most of their life. It is where they have family, friends and the memories of their childhood are stored. This is an important part of a person’s identity and it should not be changed for any reason. It is also the place where a person can get the best medical treatment.

When a Government servant is transferred from one office to another, the head of the office under whom he was originally employed should record in his service book a certificate under his signature: “Service verified upto (date) from the record of pay bill and acquittance rolls.” He should also obtain a fresh nomination for DCR Gratuity and Family Pension and countersign it in the service book.


A seafarer’s service record book will be valid for a certain duration, and it is important to check its validity regularly. It should be examined by the head of office or a gazetted officer under him. The initial appointment order indicating the detail scale of pay should be recorded in the book and a copy of it should be kept. Annual pay entries should also be recorded in the book with proper attestation. Equalization of pay admissible under the normal rules should be recorded in the book with reference number and date.

Most countries that are member of the IMO accept the service book as a proof of identity. In some cases, it can even serve as a visa.

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